A test ride of the Etape Caledonia route

Tracy Griffen rides the Etape Route

Cycling through dappled sunshine beside a bonnie loch. That was my Saturday last weekend, when husband and I did a test run of the new Etape Caledonia route, with extra hill. Coming out of winter hibernation, my legs were burning going up some of the steep bits, however was distracted from the pain by amazing views of snow-topped mountains (yes, snow still atop the Highlands). As a Personal Trainer who enjoys training folk to take on new challenges (and also doing challenges myself), from a professional point of view it is a brilliant cycling route. Last year I gave a masterclass in Pitlochry Theatre for Etape Caledonia on cycling nutrition, and I was itching to do the race myself.

The roads weren’t closed when we went, so it will be extra special on the day flying down the slopes without having to worry about incoming traffic. Sheep on the road might be another matter. Wildlife abounds in the Highlands, we had a daft pheasant try to outrun us, spotted a red squirrel, roadside sheep, springtime lambs and a huge variety of birdlife. This is what cycling is all about.

Personal Trainer Tracy Griffen like adventures and helping people prepare for their own. She runs a wee fitness studio in Edinburgh and has been cycling since she was five years old... www.getfitandenjoyit.com

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