the routes

The two Etape Caledonia routes, takes in the best of what the Highlands has to offer. Winding roads, tree-lined avenues, Lochs, mountains and everything in between. The 85 mile course is technical and challenging in parts, but still allows riders moments where they can take a break from the hurt locker and take in the stunning views. The 40 mile brings in some challenges, but takes out the steep climb of Schiehallion. You can find more information on both routes on our route maps below.  

The 40 mile route

A 40 mile option of closed road cycling beginning in Pitlochry. The course will take a left away from the 85 mile route at Tummel Bridge where you will begin their ascent to 392m. Once you have finished the climb you can enjoy a descent taking you South towards Coshieville and round to Aberfeldy. The route then takes you back around to the finish line back in Pitlochry, where you can relax and celebrate your achievements at the event festival.

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The 85 mile route 

85 miles of closed road cycling beginning and concluding in Pitlochry. The course is a cyclists dream; consisting of rolling hills and forest-lined roads around Loch Rannoch, Loch Tummel, combined with the demanding, twisting climb of Mt Schiehallion (1,083m).

The new 4 mile addition takes you up to Trinafour with a challenging ascent of 374m and back down towards Kinloch Rannoch. Once you have cycled around Loch Rannoch you will begin your ascent up Mt Schehallion (382m). Afterwards, enjoy the descent down towards Aberfeldy and head back towards the finish line in Pitlochry. Make sure to relax and enjoy celebrating your achievement in the event village festival.  

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Road Closures

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make a weekend of it

Pitlochry is one of Scotland’s most beautiful and vibrant places to visit. We recommend cyclists make a full weekend of the Etape and enjoy everything Pitlochry has to offer.

Some cyclists arrive on Friday before the event to explore the town as it fills with riders and spectators enjoying activities throughout the evening. Others arrive on Saturday to pick up their race packs. They can then can relax before the big day, over locally sourced food and drink, live entertainment and free talks from special guests.

However, for those short on time, there is the option to have your race pack mailed to you prior to the event so you only need to turn up Sunday morning, ready to race.


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the event village

Make the most of your event weekend and soak up the festival atmosphere in our new and improved Event Village.

Throughout the weekend enjoy locally sourced food and drink, live music and following on from the success of last year’s event, Etape Talks will be back for 2018 and hosted by a very special guest – to be revealed soon!

The Event Village is open to all riders, their supporters and spectators all weekend, we hope to see you there!

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about pitlochry

Pitlochry is a burgh in the county of Perthshire in Scotland, lying on the River Tummel. It has a population of 2,776.

It is largely a Victorian town, which developed into a tourist resort because of Queen Victoria visiting the area in 1842 and the arrival of the railway in 1863. It remains a popular tourist resort today and is known as a centre for hill-walking, surrounded by mountains such as Ben Vrackie and Schiehallion.