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Every day of your life matters, whether it’s the first or the last.

Every one of us in the UK will be affected at some point by a terminal illness. When that time comes, don’t we all want to be confident the right care will be there for us?

But one in four people don’t get the care and support they need at the end of their lives. When they’re scared. When they’re not sure where to turn to. When they know they’re dying.

That could be you or someone close to you.

We can’t let that happen.

The things people need aren’t too much to ask. High-quality care in the place they want to be, usually their home. Control of symptoms like pain. And clear information from the start.

So that, even at such a difficult, emotional time, people can feel in control. Comfortable. Cared for.

And still like people, not patients.

That’s what Marie Curie’s been giving people across the UK for 70 years, through our nurses, hospices and other services.

We know our approach works. But we’re facing significant challenges, as our population ages and NHS resources are stretched to breaking point.

Money raised from Etape Caledonia will help keep us in people’s homes and in communities around the UK. To provide the care everyone deserves at the end of their life. Help us to bring light in the darkest hours.